“Cara gets people up on their feet and into their bodies – such an important element for a conference on mindfulness.” Eric Forbis, Co-Founder, Mindful Leadership Summit

– Speak –

Most requested themes

Step Beyond Your Busy Mind
Using thoughts instead of letting thoughts use you

Synchronize Your Mind and Body
Access your optimal clarity and vitality

Drama Drains. Focus Fuels.
Recognize how you shut down. Discover how to show up

Clear Mind. Bright Body. 
Unleashing your natural genius with simple daily practice

Awake and Fully Alive On Purpose
Engage with the now and maximize your effectiveness

– Teach –

Popular Demonstration Topics

Workday Slump? 
Shift your state with a 1 minute meditation

3 Yoga Poses
to Settle Your Mind and Calm your Nervous System

Train Your Brain
With Box Breathing

Distracted Again?
Count 5 Breaths to Be Here Now

– Recent Praise –

“Cara provided tools and techniques that will help us to be better leaders in an extremely busy world. With mindfulness, we can be more productive, present, and engaged. It was a excellent event!”

MEGHAN WYKS, Manager Vanguard Institutional Investor Service; Villanova Alumni Association Leadership Committee Member

“Cara’s dynamic energy coupled with her deep expertise in mind/body moves audiences literally!”

MO EDJIALI, co-founder,
Mindful Leadership Summit and Mindful Life Conference

“Cara left a lasting impression on me and my colleagues. Her presentation was dynamic, insightful, and relevant. We are grateful for her inspiring story and the strategies she taught us.”

SARA WANG, Senior Policy Officer, 
World Bank Group

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