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#110: When Needy is Creepy and How to Stop Neediness

Being needy feels creepy—in our bones. Learn how to notice and move past expecting.

How does it feel to be needy? Do you feel creepy when you expect, want, hope someone will do something for your benefit? What does it feel like in your body? In this episode Cara explores this provocative phrase she first learned from master coach Rich Litvin. She describes her own experiences of feeling needy and how awfully inauthentic it feels to want others to “do” or “give” you something.

As Rich Litvin wrote, “If you’ve got this sense of extreme need in your mind, your behavior and your communication is going to push the person away. That’s because neediness is creepy.”

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  1. Thank you so much for this
    I have known for a long time that thexexperience of needing someone else to make “it” happen for me me is an intolerable experience
    Like many such experiences it began as a child with my parents /family system
    Somehow the vulnerability of needing money or a job I have wired as deminished me rather than just the normal currency most humans need in this world of exchange
    I blew an important meeting last June by not going into it stable and practiced
    It was a painful life lesson
    And I had thought about it well in advance but did it all in my head rather than letting support in/taking it for a test drive with allies
    Letting support in, asking for support I have wired as yucky needy rather than using my tribe
    Another miswiring
    Thanks for this!
    Take care

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