#127: Come Home To Yourself

Discover how easy it is to keep your inner fire of inspiration burning brightly. 

What are you doing to come home to yourself every day? What are you doing to tap into your deepest desires, curiosities and passions? In this episode Cara shares how, up until recently, she had lost her connection with herself, she had forgotten to tend to her fire, her inner fire.

If you feel lost in the daily speed of your growing lists and over-crowded schedules, you might be in the same boat. You might need to check back in with yourself beyond just the quick peek in the mirror before rushing off to work.

Tune in as Cara shares how to come home to yourself including 1) powering up your energy in the morning and powering down your energy in the evening 2) how to tend to yourself at a deeper level, with heightened self-awareness and 3) bringing a quality of sacredness to this type of high impact self-care.

Discover how easy it is to keep your inner fire of inspiration burning brightly. 

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Cara Bradley - Motivational Speaker and Author

Cara Bradley

Mental Fitness Coach | Author | Wellness Entrepreneur

Cara Bradley is an author, speaker and coach of Mental Fitness and Optimal Wellbeing and Performance. She is dedicated to teaching busy people her signature Body-First practices and protocols to consistently feel Strong, Calm and Clear. 

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