Sometimes, drop your agenda!

Put down your agenda from time to time and allow yourself to just be. I promise it’s in that quiet space beyond your habits and patterns that wisdom, direction guidance, creativity start to flow.

Often, we have to break down the structures of our conditioned agendas in order to see more clearly what we really want.

I share these Daily Whispers to remind you that our world needs us unshackled from our agendas. Our world needs us to be more grounded in reality, more often. Tune in for more on why this matters. 

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Cara Bradley - Motivational Speaker and Author

Cara Bradley

Mental Fitness Coach | Author | Wellness Entrepreneur

Cara Bradley is an author, speaker and coach of Mental Fitness and Optimal Wellbeing and Performance. She is dedicated to teaching busy people her signature Body-First practices and protocols to consistently feel Strong, Calm and Clear. 

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