#55: Stop Trying So Hard

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Are you a chronic striver or over-doer? Do you feel like you try so hard to make life happen in a certain way? How’s that working out for you? In this episode Cara encourages you to stop pushing “pedal to the metal” 24/7 and explore the freedom that emerges when we let go of forcing. She shares her struggle with over-doing and striving and how she’s created new, healthier habits to get things done.

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  1. Ohhhhh boy…listening to you gave me chills today. Apparently, over the past year, I have been working on this! Your talk brought so many things into focus, gave definition to my struggle, and peace to my heart that I’m doing the right thing.
    My situation has to do with difficult family dynamics with my siblings. As with all families, there are deep roots of tension, unspoken hurts, and miscommunications. Good golly! The Miscommunications. After many years of trying to have ongoing, adult relationships with my brother and sisters, one day, I just stopped. I stopped the calling, the inviting, the organizing get-togethers. Nearly all of my invitations were declined, anyway: too busy with kids, work, life, etc… I had such a sense of loss, the pain was tight and heavy in my chest.
    Here’s where it gets interesting. I THOUGHT I stopped trying because the constant rejections were too painful. I THOUGHT I stopped trying because I was angry and I was going to “show them” I was finished. In the weeks that followed my silent declaration, my anger began to fade…the pain of rejection lessened. Still, no one called or texted, “Where have you been?” – and I was surprisingly OK with it.
    What I’ve begun to understand is – I have accepted things as they are. So simple, right? The relationship with my sisters and brother is not what is used to be; it’s not what I long for it to be. It simply IS. Next week, it may be different. This is huge for me. Thank you for your 9/18/17 podcast, it really fed me today.

    1. Post

      Hey Deanna, Wow. What a process! It’s always changing on us. When we think we’ve “got it” we lose it. Happy you connected with the message. Keep in touch!

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