#65: After the Holidays… Really?

Cara gets real in this episode with a call to stop the insanity of putting off your wellbeing off until “after the holidays”  (or after the summer, or after the fill in the blank). She talks about setting priorities to put wellness first. She also suggests asking your family to list their favorite traditions and to delete the other busyness that’s no longer essential.

Cara encourages you to commit to 5 daily practices: Breathing, Moving, Finding Stillness, Being Quiet, and Getting Outside and to stop the crazy year end cycle of binging and purging

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  1. Cara,
    I listened to ‘After the Holidays’ a few weeks ago and am I glad
    I did. So many times I wanted to continue on the ‘crazy busy’ highway
    and I hear your awesome, simple steps to get off the highway. Honestly,
    I come up with every excuse in the book NOT to get outside (when cold) and
    walk, but I hear your voice and off I go outside. What a difference a walk can make.
    Just wanted to thank you for all your life coaching suggestions.

    1. Post

      Suzanne, It really makes my day when I hear that someone connected with something I said/wrote. Thank you for reaching out. It’s wonderful to share and learn from one another. Cara

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