#86: Wearing Jeans: Not too tight. Not too loose.

Live your life the way you wear your jeans — not too tight and not too loose.

Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is an art form, much like life. After time, tight jeans make us cranky and the loose ones make us feel sloppy. Much like life, well fitting jeans make us feel alert to what’s happening yet relaxed with what is. What does this all mean?

In this free-form episode Cara shares how she was recently inspired with a great idea for a talk but she put off recording a podcast episode thinking she could save it for another day. As a result of her procrastination, she learned that you cannot recreate creative impulse. Furthermore, she discovered that genius happens in the moment so we need to be ready for it.

When a moment of inspiration strikes, what do you do? Does your chronic perfectionism set in? Do you procrastinate? When you are hit with a great idea or stroke of genius do you listen carefully and take action right away?

And, most importantly, how do those jean feel today?

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The Artist Way – by Julia Cameron

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  1. Hi Cara,
    I just finished listening to your #86 podcast on the perfect, genuine, inspired divine energy that equals the most comfortable fit for our life, and how not to miss the momentary impulse of inspiration.

    This podcast is the first one that I listened to because I’m new to your website as of today.

    I have been looking for (asking for) people that I can relate to, who are respectable, and create a head-heart connection … and there you were. I also asked for people in my local, and we’re an hour close, as I’m in Princeton, NJ.

    I’m guilty of overthinking and controlling a perfectly planned delivery in what I teach.
    Thank you for the right message at the right time, which is why I am seizing the moment to reach out to you, Cara. I loved your conclusion where you said that divine energy is waiting for me (us) to let go and be, and this most certainly my time to do so.

    When I read in your bio that you’re married for 27 years and that your children are about the same age as mine, “A good relationship!” was my immediate perception.
    I connect with your entrepreneurial spirit, yoga, meditation, and fitness.

    So I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this. I’m not exactly sure, but if the subject of love and relationship is a topic that you feel impassioned to talk about, then I would love to have that conversation with you.

    For the past four years, I have been on a journey to discover how and why the brain is affected by relationships. I’m in the final stage of launching an app devoted to couples, so they can prepare their partnership together with understanding, compassion, patience and open minds that will allow them to develop their love to endure while having the best conversations of their life.

    Let me know your thoughts on the prospect of pursuing the topic of love.

    PS: I lived in my roller-skates as a kid, and the pogo stick that I could hop around my entire neighborhood on. Now I enjoy synchronized swimming, yoga and ballet.

    Carolyn Lyons Galos

    1. Post
  2. Loved this podcast!! This may not be relevant to this podcast, but how do I deal with family members that don’t put the same amount of effort into communicating with me like do? I have since stopped putting in the effort and it just does not seem natural. But how does one deal with one that takes but does not give? Someone that has a cell phone always near but never answered texts… or phone calls…

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