#90: Why Being Stable is Sexy

Stability is not only sexy, it’s downright powerful.

Stability gets a bad rap. In our culture of more and better and “new and shiny” being steady and stable seems boring and unattractive.

I beg to differ. As a teacher and coach I witness transformation every day. When we learn to settle down and steady our body and mind we quickly become clearer, brighter, and yes, sexier.

In this episode I talk about three types of stability—physical, mental and emotional—and why being stable in not only sexy, it’s downright powerful. You’ll learn to identify stability and you’ll learn how to return to your stable base when you’re feeling shaky and unsteady. Furthermore, explore ways to train your body and mind to be more stable more often.

Finally, learn to be more stable and steady in a world that is becoming more and more speedy and noisy and you’ll consistently feel more balanced and cheerful, more open and available. Ultimately as you stabilize and integrate your systems you’ll feel like you are powered up and “lit from within,” (and that’s pretty darn sexy.)

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  1. Excellent episode! I got so much from this and most importantly it reminded me of what to do when I’m feeling a little less grounded than I like. Thank you for such great advice!

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  4. Fantastic podcast!!!!This hit a sensitive spot in my soul. My meditation has helped me ground myself more when I feel I am being drained (family member drama) and your words have helped me to realize when I start to feel a bit unstable and how to cope with my breathing and bringing myself back down to the ground. Thank you for all you do.

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      Stacey, Bingo! Our capacity to “self-soothe” is a breath away. If we only trusted that more we’d alleviate much suffering.

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