A Little Stiff and a Little Sore

Yesterday I received an email from a current Brand New Beginner Student who had some comments and questions after taking a few BNB classes and a Stationary Sequence class. She said that, “ these classes made my neck ache, my cartilage grind in my neck and my back a little tender.” This student was concerned that yoga was, perhaps, not for her and perhaps she is “too old for this intensity”.

I thought that I would share my response with you all as I think that we often forget about how deeply we move our bodies, especially our spines, during any of our practices at Verge Yoga. You are going to be stiff and you are going to be sore. I often remind our students that their hamstrings did not become tight overnight nor will they loosen up in one or two. Our mental practice is to discern how far to go and when to pull back.

I would love to hear your comments.

Dear BNB Student,

I am sorry to hear of your discomfort. Please know that most new students feel some discomfort in their spine when they begin the practice. You are being asked to move your body in ways that you many not have moved in a long time. There is going to be some stiffness and soreness. The key, however, is to find the balance between not moving and moving too much.

Please make sure that you speak to your teacher before the next class and tell him or her about your neck and low spine discomfort. They will work with you to move more gently in any of the poses that flex, extend or twist the spine.

Please know that you are definitely not “too old” for this practice. We have many students attending our Stationary classes that are 60+ and 70+. Understanding your limitations and how far to go is essential to slowly building a consistent and safe yoga practice.

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