An Imbalanced Life

As many of you know Verge Yoga will be opening our second location… uhm… tomorrow. I stumbled upon the news of the closing of my friend Robyn’s studio called The Soul Center in Phoenixville in mid-August. We signed the lease on the space on September 17, built out a second yoga room and a front desk and are planning to open… uhm… tomorrow, October 3rd!

Needless to say, my life has been a little bit busy these past couple of weeks. No, not even busy, I will honestly tell you that my life has been completely out of whack and imbalanced. I must confess that I write this blog on my couch at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. Something is not right with that.

If my yoga and meditation practices have taught me anything over the past two decades it has been how to attempt to create a balanced life. I will say that most of the time my life is fairly well balanced. I sleep plenty, eat well, practice often, drink wine, laugh and find snippets of time to relax.

Over the past four weeks, however, I have gone to the dark side. I’ve been so consumed with bus-i-ness that I have thrown any resemblance of my formerly balanced life out the window. My meditation practice has been non-existent, I’ve been drinking (ugh) some diet soda, getting up to work at 4:00 am (crazy, I know) and answering emails late into the night.

The good news is that I am aware of the craziness. I am fully conscious of my ridiculously imbalanced state and I know that there will soon be a solid attempt to shifting back to my former state of equilibrium. The conscious acknowledge that I am currently “out of whack”, I think, is key to my survival while in this storm and I attribute it to my years of practice. I know what I am doing and I know that it will come to an end.

Over the years, in my studies of yoga and Buddhism I have learned that we are almost always in an imbalanced state. The goal is not to strive to achieve the perfect state but to stay alert and awake enough to know where you are. Then, in that awareness, you can adjust the knobs in your life that help steer you back into greater balance.

So, the greatly anticipated opening of Verge Yoga Phoenixville tomorrow is my turning point back towards my healthier, more balanced former life. I will start meditating daily again, give up the diet sodas and stay off my computer between 10 pm and 4 am. Imbalance happened and will surely happen again.

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  1. Although my life imbalance has been brought on by more uncontraollable forces, I too am trying to refocus and stay aware..knowing that everything will be ok in the end! If its not, then it can’t be the end..right? Its funny how life can throw at us some pretty ridiculous tests, years from now we can say..”Oh..Now I get why that happened! ” Hopefully!Even though I only got to Verge twice this past week, it gave me the calmness I needed, for a couple of hours, while on these pretty choppy seas of life .Two years ago I began Yoga, at the urging of my good friend, Lisa. And I truly can not imagine my life without it , or Verge 🙂 WHile my emotions on still testing me this coming week I look forward to being able to Just Breathe and come up for air every now and then!
    Thank you Verge!!

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