Awakening our world one breath at a time

Latest blog by Cara Bradley 5-1-11
Excerpt from our Verge Yoga May newsletter.

Over the past 6 years, Verge Yoga has grown to become a community of thousands of individuals seeking to wake up to the brilliance of life. Whether on our yoga mat or the mediation cushion, we aspire to be present, to breathe deeply and to grow stronger in both body and in mind.

What we practice at Verge Yoga strengthens our capacity to pay attention to our lives, our families and what is happening in society. As we wake up, so does the world.

“Awakening our world one breath at a time” – For me, this statement embodies the evolution of Verge Yoga and our commitment to support the continual awakening of the local community and beyond. We promise to be relentless in deepening the physical and mindfulness practices that we offer. We can evolve and even flourish together.

We thank you all, our committed students, for taking part in our fantastic journey together.



Cara Bradley, cscs, e-ryt

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