On the Verge; Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine

“If you are ready to make changes to your relationship to yourself, this book will be a study guide for the hard work ahead. This isn’t about making yourself into something you’re not. It’s about showing up and fully embracing who and what you already are.”
Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH), author, A Mindful Nation

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– Verge Practices –

The Verge Practices are easy-to-use tools to help you get to know your busy mind and shift into the space beyond it, where you glimpse your natural state. During practice, you’ll recognize glimpses, short moments, of your natural state of clarity, vitality, and confidence.

Notice This Moment
Move My body
Notice My Mind
Notes To Self

– Verge Stategies –

The Verge Strategies are more than practices; they help you live in your natural state by staying awake and aware when you would otherwise be stuck in your busy mind, drained by drama, and limited by distraction. These strategies help you navigate your life and maintain balance and energy.

Be In Sync
Be Kind
Let it Go. Let it Be
Be Aware

– Verge Notes to Self –


    • Stay calm.
    • Be available for those around you.
    • Embrace everything.
    • Find a way.
    • You’ve got this.
    • Forcing doesn’t work.
    • This moment is enough.
    • Practice patience.
    • Be kind.
    • Be helpful.
    • Being overwhelmed is not an option.
    • Celebrate life.


I begin my intentions by saying “May I.” Here are a few of my favorites:

..Be at ease.
..Have peace.
..Allow others to be free.
..Be bold.
..Drop my need to control.
..Be fearless.
..Be honest.
..Be real.
..Be kind
..Let go.
..Be positive.
..Let go of expectations.
..Allow everything to be as it is.


    • Does this make me feel bright?
    • Can I meet this moment?
    • What is real for me right now?
    • Am I distracted or right here right now?
    • Am I showing up or shutting down?
    • Can I drop this drama?
    • How can I feel fully alive right now?
    • What is most important to me right now?
    • Am I struggling with what is happening?
    • Can I be kind to all those around me?
    • Am I trying to control?
    • Can I be at ease?
    • Can I allow everything to be just as it is?