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Hi, I’m Cara Bradley.

I’m committed to living in flow — a state of being keenly awake and deeply engaged in life — and to not waste one second stuck in the sludge of drama or the muck of mediocrity.

When in flow, I wake up from the false sense of being “crazy busy.” I cruise past doubt and fear where I feel clear and confident. I tap into my body-mind intelligence — the impulses, instinct and insight from my head, heart and gut.

When in flow, I shine — and so can you.

Every day I wake up excited to help people like you live in flow at work and home. I teach leaders and executives, athletes and students — simple strategies to settle down, show up and optimize their wellbeing and performance.

I call these strategies “mini-wins and micro-practices.” They’re quick, simple and highly effective tips and techniques integrating mindfulness, breath and movement. Done consistently throughout the day, mini-wins and micro-practices will help you wake up and show up beyond your “crazy busy” life and live in flow, a state of being where you naturally shine. 

Check out my book, videos, blog and podcast to tap into your body-mind intelligence and to optimize your wellbeing and performance.
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    On the Verge; Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine

    On The Verge is a call to break free from your busy mind and to wake up right now, fully engaged and ready to shine. Cara Bradley, former pro skater, body-mind expert and mental strength coach to CEOs and elite athletes, offers powerful body-mind practices and strategies to shift from frazzled to focused, and from chaos to clear. Discover how to shift beyond “crazy busy” into high definition, high voltage living.

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    “A must-read for anyone who is passionate about peak performance at home, work, and at play.”Jay Wright, Head Coach of Villanova Men’s Basketball

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