#53: What A Relief!

What a relief! These words are often used to describe the feeling of letting go. In this episode Cara offers you a meditation of sorts guiding you to tune inward and recognize your natural state clear aliveness. In this state, this “ground of being,” we feel relieved of carrying the often heavy burden of our roles and responsibilities. Cara points …

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#50: Stable Body, Stable Mind and the Purpose of Meditation

Most people want to feel better, calmer and more at ease. Most want to settle their frenzied, non-stop mind. In this episode Cara debunks and demystifies meditation and the purpose behind this invaluable mental practice. She explains why stabilizing your nervous system ultimately settles your mind and how breathing in a deep and balanced pattern immediately calms your …

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#45: Be Nimble and Pivot

Can you be nimble? Are willing to shift perspective? How do you pivot? In this episode Cara talks about being flexible, staying astute, and choosing our state. She describes being nimble as a practice of seeing and how being available to shimmy in any moment opens us to multiple opportunities in any moment. This episode is packed with encouragement and real life examples of …

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