Clean – Day 3

7-19-12 As our beloved teacher Jim Ferris often says after his aeroSling classes, “That’s a wrap!” This is exactly how I feel after completing Day Three of The Clean Program.

In my last blog I introduced the “why” that brought me to the point of taking on the huge task of detoxing my fairly toxic self. If you are at all interested in this unfolding drama, I will be sharing some personal stuff and how I am managing this challenge over the coming weeks.

In the past, I have made some awful attempts at detoxing. I have started with those great Monday morning intentions of eating well only to reach into my cupboard of snacks by 4:00 pm. This time, however, feels different. I have finally been able to admit to myself that I have very little maturity when it comes to eating. I basically eat what I want, when I want to. I am lucky enough to have a metabolism that is fairly efficient and I can also practice yoga and/or run, bike almost everyday.

To be completely honest with you, my active lifestyle has allowed me to hide my pretty stinky eating habits for the past few decades. But guess what,… THE JIG IS UP! I have finally called myself out on what I have known for years now. That is that my eating habits stink!
I realize that what I may consider “stinky” probably looks fairly healthy to the average American. I mean really, I don’t go to McDonalds, eat beef jerky or cap off my night with a bourbon. I know better though. I’ve read enough about white flour, white sugar to know that they are just no good. I know that pretzels and bread and too much of just about anything clogs my system and makes me look and feel puffy. Bottom line, I consume too many calories and too much processed junk.

I promise to those interested that I will not get preachy in my blogs. There’s enough of that out there. I am merely trying to share my experience to perhaps encourage someone out there to make a change.

I write to bring you along on my journey. Now, it may not always be pretty but I promise you it will be honest. So as I wrap up Day 3 I will say that this Clean Program is really not that hard. (I cannot believe I am writing that) I have not felt hungry or cranky (yet). Perhaps a little sluggish on Day 2 but much clearer on Day 3. It is still very early though. I know that there is a lot of activity going on in my body. The war on the toxins has begun.

Day 3 Revelation: I am ready to take full responsibility for my health.

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