Clean Program – Day 17

8-1-12 Today is Day 17 of The Clean Program and I cannot believe that I am actually writing this. I am not usually one of those people who actually do these sort of crazy things. I am in disbelief that I have not had chocolate, wine, white stuff, snacky stuff or even greek yogurt for 17 days. What is incredible about this program and what makes it so unlike so many other so called “diets” is that I don’t have cravings and I don’t feel deprived. This is the real and honest truth… no cravings.

What I do have is enormous clarity. My mind feels crystal clear. I feel much sharper and alert throughout the day. I feel alive and vibrant. I feel clean. WOW!

By eliminating wheat, dairy, eggs, sugar, soy and anything at all processed from my diet, I have eliminated mental exhaustion and fogginess.

By allowing my digestive system to rest for 12 straight hours everyday I have eliminated any sense of bloat, fullness or heaviness that I often felt towards the latter part of the day.

It has become so obvious to me that we are what we eat. There is no doubt in my mind that we are made up of what we put in our bodies. Garbage in… garbage out. Our thoughts, our actions and what we transmit to the world in every second of our lives are all determined by how we fuel ourselves.

When did we lose this innate understanding? When did our emotions get so attached to how and what we eat? What would our world look like if we all decided to clean up our bodies? I can only imagine.

And so I promised not to “preach” in these blogs. I do hope that you can see that I merely speak from my enthusiasm about how fantastic I feel on so many levels. I want to share my story to perhaps inspire you. I promise that if I can do this you can do this too. I am no more disciplined than you. Really. Perhaps you can begin with simply eliminating one or two foods or food types from your diet for a few days. Test the waters and see what happens.

As so I enter Day 17 of 21 with a strong intention and commitment to myself to finish out this detox process and to then begin introducing some foods back into my diet in a very mindful manner. A little here and a little there.
I will not go back to bloat, heaviness and fog. There is just too much that I want to do with my life for that!

Day 17 Revelation: Garbage in… garbage out.

For more information on this program please go to or purchase:
Clean – The revolutionary program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself by Alejandro Junger, M.D.

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