Happy Anniversary Verge Yoga!

Today our beloved Verge Yoga Center is seven years old.

We opened her doors with 18 classes on her schedule and six teachers. Seven years later she offers the Main Line community over 70 weekly classes taught by 18 wonderful teachers. She has received numerous awards including Best of the Main line six years in a row. Verge Yoga has been host to thousands of students ages 3 to 82!

I write these facts not to boast but to reflect upon what we all have built together.

Our students often remind me of how much we have grown and how much they have personally received from our community and our center. They’ll often state, “You must be so proud of Verge Yoga!” I usually answer them with a weak, “of course I am”, knowing full well that I am frequently drowning in the details of Verge that I miss the beauty of Verge. To be honest with you all, my nose is habitually so stuck to the proverbially grindstone that I don’t really look around to bask in our wonderfully warm community and our incredible multi-faceted success.

My days consist of my daily practice, teaching class, and dealing with the administration of a busy business. I go home to an active household with husband, two high school daughters and a dog.

So, no, I do not take the time to sit and reflect on how proud I am for what Verge Yoga has become. I know at a cellular level what she is and how she has served not only me but also many, many others. Instead of basking in pride, I lay my tired head on my pillow every evening, with peace in my heart and a smile on my face.

Happy Anniversary Verge Yoga!

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  1. Congrats to a wonderful studio and wonderful family of teachers and staff. I am really going to miss you all!! I wish nothing but happiness and health. Please keep in touch! Keep the Verge community strong.
    Lots of love!


  2. Very honest.. Amazing how hard it is to unveil the essesence of Verge’s walls with a overfilled schedule. She is nuturing… Proud to be apart of feeding her as she feeds me.

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