I intend to become more conscious

Intentions, when set with conviction, are hugely powerful. They can transform our lives in a matter of days. Intentions are also simply just words. It is, as they say, all in the delivery.

Since we set intentions before every class at Verge Yoga, I will, on average set an intention more than a dozen times per week. In past years, I chose from one of the following “go to” intentions: Rest, Allow, Be Kind, Full Attention and Find Peace. I felt good and they seem to be working so why mess with it I thought?

A few months ago, however, I was stirred awake by my “inner voice” telling me that I had become too casual with my intentions and that I needed to “get real”. C’mon I said to myself. What’s wrong with Rest, Allow, Be Kind, Full Attention and Find Peace? The answer from myself to myself was simple and quite loud… GET REAL!

Yes, they say that angels will whisper in your ears divine wisdom. But it is when you refuse to listen that they start screaming!!!! So I listened (when I heard screaming) and began asking myself two essential questions that Andrew Cohen writes about in his new book, Evolutionary Enlightenment:

1. What is most important to me?
2. Is the life I am living a clear reflection of that which I have concluded to be most important?

My plan was to get crystal clear on what matters most to me and to then spend every moment being ruthlessly honest with myself about whether I am in alignment with or out of balance with my declaration.

So one day I sat down and wrote it in bold letters… MY INTENTION IS TO BECOME MORE CONSCIOUS.
I, Cara Bradley, intend to wake up and become a more conscious and enlightened being. I know that there will be times when my unconscious actions will not reflect that declaration but I promise myself that I will become more aware of those times and will commit myself to change those behaviors and thoughts.

So there it was. No more “flaky” intentions. No more casualness about the direction of my life. After years of juggling a handful of intentions, it is a relief to have one, very powerful and all consuming intention in my life. It is a relief to finally get real.

I know that with clarity of intention comes incredible power. When we get clear, change becomes almost effortless. Our habits begin to fall away as we keep our “eye” on the big picture. In getting real, we discover what Cohen calls “soul strength – the spiritually inspired conviction to take responsibility for your own destiny”.

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