I too have a Secret and my Secret is also Silence

I too spent the long weekend with Kristin Page at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. Without having read Kristin’s insights I offer you my own “ah-has.” I am sure that many of my insights will sound like her insights for as we dive deep individually we meet each other collectively in that quiet, empty place and share the same experience.
• Being silent for 3 days was an incredible relief for every aspect of my being. I feel cleansed from the inside out.

• Moving my body both slowly and vigorously is necessary and fully supports a deeper meditation practice.

• The mind, when surrendered to the moment, seeks stillness and emptiness.

• We are always transmitting our state of being, always. Being silent helped me to get under the noisy mind so that I could get intimate with the subtle ways in which I transmit.

• The ears hear, the eyes see and the mind thinks. Thoughts will continue to come and go. In stillness I learn that I cannot stop my thoughts but I can allow them to come and go without getting involved.

• Stillness is found below the neck. I found profound stillness when my awareness dropped below my mind and rested in my heart and body.

• To meet the world from a place of deep stillness is a miracle.

• The word “quiet” has a completely new meaning for me.

• At the deepest level we are all seeking connection with silence and emptiness.

• The mind will exhaust itself if you sit with yourself long enough. It gets tired of telling the same old stories. That is when stillness emerges.

• In the quietness and stillness of the weekend I proclaimed the following: “I release and relinquish the “me” that I thought I knew and I step back into the world:
o Quiet & Still
o Spacious & Clear
o More loving
o Kinder & Gentler
o Non-judgmental
o Ready to serve

I still feel a deep sense of quiet now two days post retreat and have a new sense of commitment to my daily meditation and silence practices. This state of being feels too good to lose. I hope to be able to sustain this deep inner stillness. My experience in the woods was profound and I am forever changed. I will go into prolonged silence again. For now I will practice carrying my stillness into the world and sharing it with others.

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