It goes by fast

While vacationing in New Hampshire this month I attended a play at a summer playhouse called The Peterborough Players. The front of the barn that housed the playhouse were walked cobblestones engraved with the names and dates of donors.

I was not really reading the stones but one of them caught my eye and I stopped in my tracks.

It read, “It goes by fast.”

I held my breath for a moment as a wave of insight flushed through me. “Holy S*#@$”, I thought, “It freakin goes by fast!” My life is flying by. What am I doing? Am I living it fully?

I looked at my beautiful seventeen-year old daughter. “Holy S*#@$”, I thought, she is almost out the door! I will be fifty in a few years. I looked at my wonderful in-laws sailing through their seventies.

It goes by fast.

Some wise soul paid to put a reminder on that stone and I am sure that thousands have walked over it, perhaps only a few seeing it’s powerful message. I feel fortunate enough to have allowed its’ whisper to find my ear that night. It penetrated my soul and has, in a sense, woken me up.

Our precious lives go by fast. Why do we dwell on drama and clench our fists around negative situations? Why do we hold ourselves back? Why do we care so much about what others think? Why do we hold onto our opinions so tightly that it clenches our faces and distorts bodies?

In a blink of an eye our children are grown up so why don’t we take the time to lay down in the grass with them to look at the stars? You all know that I could go on forever about this one but I will refrain from continuing. I simply want to share the gift that I had been given that beautiful evening in New Hampshire.

It goes by fast.

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    In looking back at previously posted blogs, I came across It Goes By Fast. Whew. It took my breath away as it seems like yesterday I read this simple saying on a simple cobblestone on a simple summer evening. I thought it was worth the repost.

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