Why Amare? Why Team Flow?

Why Amare? 

Amare Global’s products are marketed through brand ambassadors and influencers. 

Amare has developed a comprehensive, best-in-class targeted micronutrient system that significantly improves Gut-Brain health and optimizes Mental Fitness. There are no comparable protocols available anywhere.  

Prove it to yourself—Try a recommended Mental Fitness protocols (see below).  

It is not a big decision—There are thousands of exceptional customer testimonials and a 100% empty-bottle money back guarantee.

Amare Highlights:

  • Breakthrough Gut-Brain Microbiome Science
  • First Mover in New Category Gut-Brain-Heart Nutraceuticals
  • Innovative, Proprietary Award-Winning Product Line
  • Major Growth Trend in Mental Wellness ($121 Billion) with Extraordinary Growth forecasted in next 20+ Years
  • Well Funded, Profitable and Growing at 100%+
  • 5-10 Year Product Pipeline
  • Top Executive Team in the Industry
  • Mission/Purpose Driven Company
  • High Customer Retention Rate
  • International Expansion in 2022


Team Flow is our network of Brand Ambassadors offering a unique opportunity to leave a legacy of greater abundance and wellbeing—mental, physical, emotional, and financial.

Team Flow Highlights:

  • We provide Mentorship and Leaders ⁣creating a collaborative and transformative culture.
  • We provide the open team framework to play in Mental Fitness game on a network scale.
  • Anyone can do it. Team Flow Is open to everyone, at any skill level.
  • Choose your own pace. Crawl, walk or run on Team Flow. 
  • Most importantly… the conditions and the timing with Amare and Team Flow couldn’t be more right. 
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