Why Team Flow? Why Amare?

Why Team Flow?

Team Flow is a network comprised of forward-thinking, independent wellness and fitness coaches, trainers, small business owners, parents and other influencers who represent the products of Amare Global—The Mental Wellness Company®.

Amare is an exceptional business opportunity for anyone who has experienced the remarkable results of the Amare protocol. In our view,  Amare as a “platform” offers something so much more—the opportunity to support an open network of Mental Fitness professionals and influencers. 

Networks distribute power. And when the threshold conditions are right, networks can quickly shift power out of the hands of the entrenched and the few, into the hands of ordinary people… and the conditions and the timing with Amare couldn’t be more right. 

This is why Amare is the right platform for Team Flow. 

Why Amare? 

Amare products are marketed through brand ambassadors and influencers. 

Amare has developed a comprehensive, best-in-class targeted micronutrient system that significantly improves Gut-Brain health and optimizes Mental Fitness. There are no comparable protocols available anywhere.  

Prove it to yourself—Try one of Team Flow’s recommended Mental Fitness protocols (see below).  

It is not a big decision—There are thousands of exceptional customer testimonials and a 100% empty-bottle money back guarantee.

Amare Highlights:

  • Breakthrough Gut-Brain Microbiome Science
  • First Mover in New Category Gut-Brain-Heart Nutraceuticals
  • Innovative, Proprietary Award-Winning Product Line
  • Major Growth Trend in Mental Wellness ($121 Billion) with Extraordinary Growth forecasted in next 20+ Years
  • Well Funded, Profitable and Growing at 100%+
  • 5-10 Year Product Pipeline
  • Top Executive Team in the Industry
  • Mission/Purpose Driven Company
  • High Customer Retention Rate
  • International Expansion in 2022


Team Flow offers a unique opportunity to leave a legacy of greater abundance and wellbeing—mental, physical, emotional, and financial.

Team Flow Highlights:

  • We are a network of Brand Ambassadors formed out of the Mental Fitness Collective
  • We provide Mentorship and Leaders ⁣creating a collaborative and transformative culture.
  • We provide the open team framework to play in Mental Fitness game on a network scale.
  • Anyone can do it. Team Flow Is open to everyone, at any skill level.
  • Choose your own pace. Crawl, walk or run on Team Flow. 
  • Most importantly… the conditions and the timing with Amare and Team Flow couldn’t be more right. 

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