Life On The Verge: The Courage to Listen

MeditationThank you for your tremendous response to my first blog, My Long Road To Right Now. You have fired me up to continue sharing my journey that started with a big, bold intention to write a book about daily practices.

I am a HUGE believer in the power of practice. I am actually sort of a practice nerd. I pretty much practice as much as I can—yoga, running, strength training, meditation, silence, journaling, chanting, incense burning—you get the point.

My daily practices fuel me. They empower me to lean into life, open my heart, take risks, and show up for life. My daily practices provide the ground under my feet that helps me both nurture my family and the evolution of Verge Yoga.

My unbridled enthusiasm would be somehow collected in a book about practices.

I am convinced (note: that is a big word) that daily practices can build a powerful momentum in your life. Small actions, done consistently, and with intention give you access to clarity and strength—to your true power. And so, with this in mind, the first title of my book was:

Your Daily Practices: Experience Your True Power

To test the market, I taught a few programs called Your Daily Practices and quickly realized that while every one wants to experience their true power, most people don’t really want to hear what may be required. It’s too much—too concentrated. In other words, most people would rather just download a mindfulness app and call it a day.

I have no doubt that daily practices can help you thrive but I learned that telling you directly was not going to work. I needed to be willing to listen, change course with a new focus—even a new title.

In June 2013, after six months of writing, I mustered up the courage to shift gears. My book would explore a powerful state of presence and a profound sense of wellbeing emerging from daily practice—a state I called SoulForce. And so, the second title of my book became:

SoulForce: Living Beyond Your Busy Mind

Stay tuned… there will be much more courage required as my journey continues…

Join Cara every week as explores the highs and low of writing her book, On The Verge: Experience the Peace, Pulse, and Power of Being Fully Alive, (New World Library, 2016)


Cara Bradley - Motivational Speaker and Author

Cara Bradley

Top Motivational Speaker​

Cara Bradley is a former pro skater and currently a world renown motivational speaker. Cara works with busy people just like you to work and play in FLOW so that they can achieve their peak performance.

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