Life on the Verge: Waking Up in Hero’s Pose

jakesOn this last day of a week at Jake’s Resort in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, I am once again blown away by the extraordinary power of retreats. Stealing away from life, to pause and practice, has a way of always turning me inside out.

So much has shifted for me in a mere seven days here—and it all came to light yesterday, while in all places, Hero’s Pose.

In last week’s post, The Courage to Listen, I seemed to drone on and on about the metamorphosis of my book on human potential. (Ho-hum.) I know now that instead of writing about how the book title changed a few times, I really should be revealing how this book is changing me—every day.

The writing this book has torn apart the fabric of my being and is sort of trying to put me back together—but in an entirely new way.

In two years, I have gone from writing a simple book about daily practices to one about human potential—so I thought—until yesterday.

While in Hero’s pose during Dan’s sunset Yin practice, I had a big ah-ha. Lying on a bolster with my knees bent beneath me (for an awful long period of time) I felt carried away by the sound of waves crashing just a few feet away. I was stirred by a voice inside, my voice, saying loud as a bell—your book is really about waking up. Stop holding back. Stop skirting around it. Just name it already.

Coming out of Hero’s pose (with Dan’s help), I knew every thing had shifted—once again. Mesmerized by what was speaking through me, I headed straight to my notes and started feverishly writing.

While my insights are still forming, I can say a few words…

You wake up to your life when you get out of your own way and show up in this moment. When you are available to be right here and right now, beyond your busyness, you shift into a more natural way of being—you wake up and feel more peaceful, more powerful, more alive.

My book—On The Verge—is about waking up to your experience of being fully alive.

It feels so good to state this. I am finally free to speak openly about what I’ve always really want to write about. I am excited continue sharing my journey with you and look forward to next week, when I’ll likely have shifted—again.

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  1. Cara – sending you love and light from chilly PA. Our practice is a wonder in the ways it brings life into focus – thank you so much for sharing your practice with us. I am so happy to hear of your shift and so looking forward to reading more. Namaste!

  2. I wrote a very long and thoughtful response that got lost after I logged in. So here’s the brief version. Your retreat provided you with yet another layer of deep understanding and insight, creating shift Cara. The only constant thing in life is change….travel safely. Dan and his yin class, ah I’m transformed.

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