I mentor courageous and curious humans—just like me—who are ready to be bolder… and to live a larger story. Our deep work together focuses on: 

1) Beyond Crazy Busy – Let’s get your body-mind practices dialed in so you have more “on” days when you feel focused and in flow. 

2) Claiming your Voice – It takes getting quiet and turning inward to attune to the authentic essence ready to emerge.  

3) Living your Larger Story – From a stable base, you practice moving and speaking with unshakeable confidence and clarity. 

If you feel ready to accelerate your transformation, I’ve got some ideas…let’s schedule a discovery call to see if we are a good fit.


IN THE ARENA are monthly group mentoring programs designed to accelerate your growth and transformation through daily action, accountability, lively discussions and group coaching.

1. The INNER Path – focused on building consistent daily practices for improved Mental Fitness.

2. The IMPACT Path – focused on building the confidence, leadership skills and and entrepreneurial savvy to successful launch your mental wellness business. 

  • Check out my Product Page for more on why I represent Amare Global—The Mental Wellness Company
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