by Julianna Bradley
Guest writer and daughter of Cara Bradley
Junior, Conestoga High School

At the end of a yoga class, with a clear mind and sweat pouring off in a steady stream from all parts of the body, we bow together, palms together at the forehead, and say:


In Sanskrit this means “I honor the light in you, and I honor the light in me”. I have heard, have uttered, and have even read a bumper sticker that captures this incredible, and sparsely followed message.

With this month of big tests coming up, everyone is stressed. There is the AP Language exam, the SAT’s, the test to find the best Prom dress, and who are we kidding–the test to find the best date as well. But beyond all this craziness lies our biggest test of all: To step away from it all and tell ourselves, its all going to be okay.

My mom always tells me, when I’m upset or down, to put my hand over my heart and send myself some love, tell myself that I am there for me. We don’t do enough “honoring the light in me”. We are self-centered and egotistical, but we don’t really love ourselves. We compare ourselves to those around us and judge their weaknesses and faults, but we also judge our own mistakes.

Namaste is a two-part deal, you can’t do one part without the other. The light that I honor in you is the same one in me, and it deserves the honor of everyone around, but most of all it the light deserves the honor from myself. We are constantly told that we are “not special”, we are “not perfect”. But sometimes we need that hand over our heart to tell us we are perfect in every way possible.
So lets take on our biggest test of all: loving ourselves. To all those stressing over college, to all those who don’t have a date to prom and think it’s because something is wrong with them, to those who feel under appreciated or misunderstood, and to any one else just needing a smile or a hand over their heart…


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