What I’m Doing Now

  • I’m in King of Prussia, PA. It’s fall.
  • When I’m not traveling I spend most late afternoons walking in Valley Forge National Park.
  • In the past year I’ve become a minimalist and now live in a small rental apartment with my husband Brian.
  • Yes, having less stuff makes me feel more spacious and simple. I don’t miss one thing I gave away.


  • Live:
    • I’m on the road a few times a month presenting to executives and creatives about living and working in flow states. I love seeing new places and working with new people.
    • I teach yoga a few times per week at Verge BodyMind, the business I started 14 years ago.
  • Podcast: My weekly show is my most consistent content platform. I know I’m crazy to have a solo show because it’s harder to grow but I love having the freedom to say what I want.
  • On-Line: I’m designing on-line courses for two organizations on living well, finding flow and enhancing performance. I wake up excited to create content such as the fun stuff found on my  recent course for Insight Timer.)


  • I’m writing my second book about how to “carpe this diem” because our days are going by fast.


  • Experimenting with rock climbing
  • Learning how to kiteboard by starting with a trainer kite on land
  • About to start voice lessons—just because

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Last updated on October 26, 2018