What I'm Doing Now

last updated 4.6.21​

Where I'm living

  • My husband Brian and I are experimenting with how to live with less stuff and no home-base.
  • We're currently in Nelson, New Hampshire until end of April. It's early spring. The lake is slowly melting.
  • Life has become VERY simple and routine. We walk in the mud, practice yoga, drink wine.
  • Last year we sold our "bricks and mortar" yoga business, moved out of Philly and put some stuff in storage.
  • Yes, having less—with no real home—makes us feel spacious and more alive. 
  • No, we have no plans to "settle down" any time soon. 

A New Game

  • We are tinkering with what a Game B lifestyle might look like. So far there's been a lot of "undoing."
  • I'm learning how the gut-brain connection impacts mental health and performance.
  • Our new game includes working with Amare Global to generate time and financial freedom.
  • Brian has started writing about Game B Networking Marketing

Work as Play

  • I feel like I no longer teach. I now I share how I live. 
  • My weekly Mental Fitness Podcast is easy and fun. I love having the freedom to say what I want.
  • I recently launched a Mindful Movement course with Mindful Magazine. It's a relief to not have to do all the promotion.
  • I'm designing a new course for a cool platform called RoundGlass.


In Flow...

  • Through tinkering and uncovering, I continue to explore letting go of what is no longer necessary and leaning into what makes me feel purpose-filled, challenged, and fully alive. 

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers. Read more Now pages on NowNowNow.


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