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Build Mental Fitness to Boost Your Energy and Encourage Emotional Well-Being
Improving your mental state isn’t all in your head.
If you wish to build mental fitness, it's essential to include practices for the body as well.

Join Cara Bradley for Mindful’s new online course to help you build mental fitness and mental acuity.

This self-paced online course includes:
* 36 short videos including video & audio practices
*Audio practices you can download to take with you on the go
*Lifetime access so you can return to these practices again

Build Mental Fitness
-a 12-day Course

in collaboration with RoundGlass

In my brand new FREE course, I share a set of practices that can help you shift your state on the spot and feel
clear, calm and confident, more often.

10 Strategies for Living in Flow

with Cara Bradley

Feel Your Best. Perform Your Best.

Your Journey to Living in Flow starts NOW!

10 Strategies

You will learn 10 simple “mini-win” strategies to shift from frazzled to focused and from chaos to calm — on demand.

10 Guided Meditations

Experience flow right away! Each strategy comes with a short guided meditation to help you shift out of your head and into your body and senses.

10 Days

You can do anything for 10 days! This short-form course is packed with insights and actionable take-aways to live in flow at work and home.

Join Cara and learn how to get out of your mind and live in flow more often—especially at work where we are often stressed and easily distracted.

10 Day Program for only $29

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