Popping into Stationary Class?

Last week after a noontime Stationary class, a student who had been practicing next to me asked if I “popped into the Stationary class every once in awhile to see how things were going”. I smiled and told him that I not only was I not just “popping in” but that I practice Stationary several times per week. He seemed pleasantly surprised to hear that I didn’t just practice in the seemingly more “advanced” Flow classes.

The truth is that the Stationary Sequence is my practice of choice. It is the ultimate physical and mental therapy. While our Flow classes are wonderfully challenging and invigorating, the Stationary Sequence completes me.

Many students may think that our Stationary classes are for beginners. Many Flow students avoid our Stationary classes because they feel it is too “slow”, “predicable” or “boring”. For me, these comments couldn’t be further from the truth. While the Stationary Sequence is breathtakingly simple and consistent, it allows me the space in which I can explore the subtleties of my mind and body. It allows me to drop my need to anticipate what may be coming next and to simply sit with the pose at hand. I bask in rich rhythmic breathing. I find steadiness and stillness.

I absolutely love the Stationary Sequence. I am a better teacher and a much better Flow student because of this practice. I am stronger, clearer and much calmer. The Stationary Sequence is my ultimate Zen practice and to me, “popping” into this practice every so often is not an option.

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