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8-16-12 I am about two weeks post the three-week Clean Program and am amazed at the conversations that I’ve had on-line and in person with other folks in the Verge community about this process. There are currently about six students that I know of who are on The Clean Program and I know of another dozen who are planning to begin in the early fall. This is absolutely fantastic. I am inspired!

So after receiving several requests to write about how I ‘”re-entered” the world after the cleanse, I report to you that I am still feeling great but am having to stay very focused to not go back to old ways. In other words, I am wary about ever going back to feeling yucky, bloated and stuffed. It is a moment-to-moment practice.

In many ways, it is almost easier to be on the program than not. While on The Clean Program I knew that I was not to eat dairy, wheat, soy, nightshade vegetables and other foods that are highly acidic or cause the body to create inflammation. Now that I am off “the cleanse” I am obviously free to eat whatever I want but have learned that I have to be careful and study how my body (and mind) feel after I eat it. Here are some of my post cleanse insights:

1. Dairy – I am mildly lactose intolerant. I can eat Greek yogurt but anything heftier (like the fudgesicle I ate two days after the cleanse) just doesn’t work for me. (cramps, clogged feeling in ears and nose) Interesting, huh? I will limit dairy to my protein powder that contains whey, a couple of yogurts per week and a sprinkle of cheese on a salad here and there.

2. Wheat – I used to be a wheat junkie. Seriously. Pretzels, break and pasta were staples in my diet. I have reintroduced it back into my diet on a very small scale and intend to be very, very careful not to go back to my prior habits. The truth is that I just don’t feel mentally sharp after eating wheat products. It is, I believe, one of the causes of my prior state of mental fuzz. So again, I am not going cold turkey but plan to eat wheat like one eats ketchup, here and there and whenever necessary.

3. Sugar (and alcohol)– Ah… This one has been a huge revelation to me. New flash… When you don’t eat sugar, you don’t crave sugar! It is really that simple. I believe now more than ever that a huge, if not number one cause of obesity in our country is that we are constantly craving sugar. There are so many hidden sugars in our foods that we have no clue how much we are eating until we go off of it for a few weeks. I am telling you that this formerly “just a couple of Hershey kisses a day” yogi has not craved sugar for over five weeks.

Post Cleanse Status: I like feeling clean. I have more energy and am overall just happier.

Please communicate with me if you are on or plan to go on The Clean Program. I would love to hear from you! [email protected]

For more information on this program please go to or purchase:
Clean – The revolutionary program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself by Alejandro Junger, M.D.

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