Practice. Practice. Practice… All is Coming

10-31-12 It is amazing to me how practicing a skill over and over again really does help life to more flow more easily. In years past I would stress for hours about cancelling classes due to impending storms. I would scour the web, watch the weather channel and check other studio websites before I made that seemingly all-important decision as to whether or not to cancel classes. This decision making process started to become easier over the past year and earlier this week I recognized how easy the process flows for me now.

On Sunday evening while we were still pre-Sandy, The Weather Channel did much of the work for me as drenched weather people screamed over howling winds that the east coast was shutting down. I had thought for a moment about holding Monday morning classes but came to my senses thinking about the teachers and staff that I would have to ask to travel. I realized that it was unfair and honestly not worth it. I made the decision to cancel for the entire day on Monday without struggling or stressing. I surrendered to the weather and I smiled.

Now three days later we are without power at our Wayne center with perhaps a few days of darkness in front of us. We are holding limited daytime classes and doing to best that we can. As we all know, there are so many others that have so much more to stress about than whether or not they can get on their yoga mat for a practice. I get that which has helped me to not pull every hair I own off of my head.

This week has honestly been a personal victory for me as I see how much my practices have shifted my habitual reactions to challenge and uncertainty. This week I observed the fruits of years of sitting on my meditation cushion and moving mindfully on my yoga mat. This week I recognized how important it is for me to continue to practice, practice, practice. For, as Shri K. Pattahbi Jois, the founder of Astanga Yoga said, “all is coming”.

All is coming if we stay disciplined and committed. We will change our habits, we will become more compassionate with ourselves and with others and we will learn to handle challenges with more grace and ease. As we all know from our yoga practice, we must do things over and over and over again in order to master a pose. We must explore, be patient and throw ourselves loads of loving-kindness throughout the process.

It took me years to learn to surrender and trust myself when making the decision to cancel classes or not. It took me years of practicing this decision making process. I struggled, I stretched myself and I didn’t always make the best decision but I did always practice making them.

Hopefully our power will come back soon and our schedule will go back to normal. Life will calm down for a day, a month or perhaps just a moment.

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