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Cara teaches weekly yoga and meditation classes at Verge BodyMind , her award-winning center in Wayne, PA. www.vergeybodymind.com
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Move your body. Train your Mind. Founded in 2004. the mission of the award-winning Verge BodyMind Center in Wayne, PA is to offer more than just another yoga class. Verge has always been about creating a welcoming, non-intimidating, non-dogmatic atmosphere offering full-body workouts and stress-busting mindfulness training in every class. We are not a typical “yoga” studio offering a mixture of yoga styles, but a continuously evolving Verge Methodology based integrating mindfulness training and yoga-based movement as primary tools.

On Demand Classes

Take class anytime with Cara Bradley with Verge On Demand, awarded 2014 Best of Philly. Verge On Demand offers over 50 classes including both live and off site. Classes are geared to different levels and vary in duration from 15 minutes to 75 minutes.

Retreats & Workshops

Retreats and workshops are often necessary to take your practices to the next level. They offer you direct experiences of your authentic self. For more info on upcoming retreats and workshops.

On The Verge Podcast

Welcome to On The Verge with Cara Bradley – where you’ll get an inside look at what it means to live on the verge and how doing so will help you wake up and experience your life fully. Check in weekly for new shows. To listen to Cara’s latest On The Verge Podcast.

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We understand that life is busy, your time is limited, and you want to optimize how you strengthen your mind and body. At Verge BodyMind we push the boundaries of movement, mindfulness, and interval strength training to offer you the most effective and innovative set of practices to be clear and confident, to have more energy, and to feel fully alive. This is the Verge Experience—synchronizing your mind and body through movement and stillness. This is the Verge Experience—unblock, unfold, and unleash.Visit Cara’s YouTube Channel.