The Clean Program – Day 12

7-27-12 Today is Day 12 of The Clean Program and I am up at 4:30 am writing this. I guess that you could say I’ve got more energy these days. The program is not that hard to follow. And this is coming from one who just until recently had a hard time not having a small piece of chocolate everyday (not that there is anything wrong with that.) But honestly, there are no cravings for sweets so this hasn’t been much of an issue. What is interesting is that I don’t miss actual types of food but the actions or habits that surround eating those foods. Hopefully I can explain this as it may give you some insight into discovering your habits.

What I miss most almost two weeks into this is having a regular meal with my family in the evening. The Clean Program recommends that you drink two liquid meals per day consisting of smoothies and soups. These should occur in the morning and evening. As an Italian-American girl, sitting at the dinner table is a big deal. It’s not necessarily the food we eat but the habit of eating dinner that is such a ritual in our home. So, I’ve been sitting with the family as they eat. I drink my smoothie but somehow it is just not the same. It’s not a huge deal but it is interesting to study. This too shall pass I keep reminding myself.

While I have rarely been super hungry these days I have figured out that I what I miss are my habits. (This is not to say that all of my habits are worth keeping) It’s not the food I miss but the act of eating those foods. This is really interesting. I miss the habit of eating dark chocolate, eating dinner with the family and more specifically having wine with dinner. There are other habitual experiences that I don’t miss and that is eating certain foods that leave me feeling bloated or lethargic in the afternoons or downright exhausted in the evening.

This detox has laid the cards out on the table for me. I’ve become clearly aware of my good habits and my bad habits when it comes to eating. I see what needs to go and what I should keep. What I realize now is that most of our habits sneak into our lives. They create who we are. If we are not aware of them we become our habits. If we remain unconscious we will continue to walk around in a stupor wondering why we feel bloated and exhausted and just generally unsatisfied.

One of our sayings at Verge Yoga is that our practice helps us to unblock, unfold and unleash the good, the bad and the ugly (but mostly the good) On Day 12, I can certainly say that The Clean Program is helping me to do just this in my life. Cheers.

Day 12 Revelation: Our habits create who we are unless we wake up and get honest with ourselves.

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