The Clean Program – Final Post on Day 21

8-6-12  Today is Day 21 of The Clean Program. It is supposedly my final day of cleansing. The masters say that once you have awakened to a way of being you can never fully go back to sleep. My mind and body now know how it feels to be clean. I feel clear and energized. I never want to go back to fuzz, ever! Really and truly the hardest thing about this process was just committing to do it.

For all of us, stepping onto a path towards change is challenging and takes courage. It takes tremendous inertia to commit to a cleanse, step on a yoga mat or sit on a meditation cushion. Once the intention is set, however, staying on the path just takes focus and some discipline. As I have said before, if I can do it, you can do it.

After 21 days of no dairy, wheat, alcohol, sugar, soy and a bunch of other stuff I feel clean. I feel as though my body has awakened from years of sluggish slumber. I promise you that I am not exaggerating. I am completely inspired to live the rest of my life in a clean state. That doesn’t mean that my lips will never touch another glass of wine or dark chocolate or chips for that matter but I am committed to staying conscious when I choose to consume them.

Now that I am post-cleanse I will slowly start reintroducing some food back into my diet.  Slowly is the key word here for diving into an ice cream sundae or eating a pizza would certainly cause World War 3 in my system. I must admit that I am a bit nervous about this process. It is kind of like looking at a white canvas with a palate full of paints. The colors should be mindfully chosen and the brush strokes deliberately placed.

The good news is that my husband Brian and daughter Julianna have both committed to start The Clean Program on Thursday upon return from our vacation in New Hamsphire. They will inspire me to stay “clean” for at least three more weeks.

So in closing, I thank you all for reading about my adventure and I do hope that these posts were helpful and even perhaps inspiring. I would like to thank both Rachael Hunter and Jim Ferris for their support and humor during my process and I would like to offer my support to any of you all that would like to start The Clean Program. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

I promise you that three weeks goes by fast and it is undoubtedly worth the ride.

Day 21 Revelation and Commitment: I will never go back to fuzzy mind or sluggish body… ever.

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    1. Hey Stephanie, I did not buy the kit but did purchase a vegan protein powder at Great Earth Vitamins. Let me know if you have any other questions! I am happy to support you. Cara

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