The Greatest Gift – Part II

giftThe greatest gift you can give the world is a fully healthy you.

As explained in The Greatest Gift Part I—daily practice is a given in feeling positive and energized every day life. By being consistent with a few positive thoughts, words or actions you will build the necessary stable foundation to cultivate a fully healthy you. Remember, when you feel good, you help others feel good. When you flourish, others flourish. It’s really that simple. If you believe me—even just a little bit—then why wouldn’t you put your best foot forward in feeling as good as you can every single day?

I know that life gets in the way; there is the job and the kids, and the ever-expanding busy schedule and you may be asking, how in the world am I supposed to have daily practices when I am doing the best I can just to stay sane while living at such an insane pace. The answer is that you cannot afford not to make your wellbeing the absolute top priority in you life.

In my The Greatest Gift Part I, I defined daily practice as small positive thoughts, words or actions that energize and empower you and then asked you to list five current routines that you have already established in your life. Your daily practices elicit a sense of clarity, stability, and wellbeing and can be as simple as an evening walk around the block, a ritual of breaking for tea in the afternoon, or writing in your journal. Take a moment and recall your current practices.

Now I am going to ask you to add ONE NEW DAILY PRACTICE that you already know, without a doubt, would empower and energize you almost immediately. Deep down, you already know what you need to do in order to cultivate your wellbeing. ADD ONE NEW PRACTICE—that is all.

Now commit to a small version of your new practice for the next 30 Days. For example, if you want to start meditating then start with 5 or 10 minutes. COMMIT is the key word here. The mantra I like to use when establishing a new daily practice is: Start Small. Stay Steady. Build From There.

To help you stay in the game, write 1-30 on a piece of paper and hang it on your refrigerator or in your office. For the next 30 days commit to your practice. This is how you begin to really empower yourself to showing up fully in your life in the most energized an empowered way possible.

My own daily practices energize me and support me in maintaining a generally happy and enthusiastic outlook on life. On most days, I feel strong, clear, and ready to take on new challenges. As a wife, mother and business owner, my daily practices help me stay stable, manage my energy, and avoid exhaustion and stress. My practices have also helped me learn to be kinder to myself, and to listen to what I need to maintain balance in my personal and professional life.

30 Days—that is all. It may feel awkward at first to call to your evening walk around the block a practice. But if you look at the benefits of doing so, such as getting some fresh air, connecting with your neighbors, and getting the kinks out from sitting all day, you give this simple routine the transformative power it deserves. Taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing is a big deal—it is the greatest gift you can give the world.

I would love to hear from you. What practice did you choose to commit to?

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