The Mind versus Reality

As I strapped on my running shoes this morning I felt dread wash over me as I thought of the long inclines that awaited me in Valley Forge Park. I knew that it was going to be a challenging run as my body is sore and tired from the intense triathlon training schedule that I happened to voluntarily sign myself up for this spring. Prior to heading out on the road I had already convinced myself that I that it was going to suck and that I was going to be miserable. Nonetheless, I begrudgingly walked out the door.

What hit me about 10 minutes into the run was the sweet smell of spring in the air. Without consciously deciding my route, I spontaneously chose to run out in the fields mostly on the dirt paths and off my usual loop. The soft, moist ground seemed to support me and seemed to even propel me forward with every step. I actually started to feel light and even, yes, somewhat happy.

It was a glorious morning to be outside, in the spring air, with my heart pumping away. I felt my lungs stretch with each breath and I smiled as the sweat roll down into my eyes. I coasted most of the way home and even picked up my pace (to more than a slow jog that is). I sprinted up a short hill to slap my mailbox, which has become in my wild imagination, just like the Olympic finish line.

It is amazing how our minds can create a story and a scenario and convince us of one thing when actually reality is pretty darn awesome.

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