The Real Deal

I’ve been writing a blog for the past three years and, honestly, there have been many times that I have sat at my laptop to write an entry and found myself short of breath and anxious. It is amazing how quickly insecurity and uncertainty can set in when asked to put the pen to paper.

The blog process, I must share with you, has not been pretty for me. “Write Blog”, would sit on my to-do list for weeks. Nasty thoughts would barrage my mind such as, “Who am I to write about ancient yoga texts or Buddhists teachings?” or “Who is reading the blog anyway.” The bottom line is that once a month, when my blog was due, I would get so stuck that I would clench up and struggle.

So last month I finally decided the throw in the towel, so to speak and change the direction of this blog now entitled, My Daily Practice. It has been liberating. The plan now is to allow myself the space to write freely from my experiences on my yoga mat, my meditation cushion and in my daily life. In other words, the pressure is off to try to impress you all with my supposed knowledge of yoga philosophy.

My practices led me to finally acknowledge that I was putting too much pressure on myself to be some prolific writer or philosopher. I knew, deep down, that trying to force a blog about, say, the yoga sutras wasn’t authentic and that I was wasting too much energy every month in trying to post my (insert expletive) blog.

I am excited and thrilled to now offer you “the real deal”.

My Daily Practice, now posted weekly, will include my real stories and experiences from running a business to raising two teenage daughters and how my yoga and meditation practices support me in my daily life. My hope is that, in some way, you will connect and perhaps even learn from me.

So in closing this simple blog I share with you that there was no struggle or drama around writing these words. They feel right because they came straight from my heart.

Peace. Cara

Please send me your stories too for in sharing them we all learn, we all connect and we all grow.

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