Truth is the Shortcut

As published by Simple Reminders  November 2016

untitled (258 of 291)Something has recently shifted in me.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I feel called to be completely truthful. I’m not sure how or when it happened, it just did one day. Something let go in me and there it was — the truth, ready to be told, not just once, but in every corner of my life.

Truth, as I now know it, seems to arise from deep in my core. I experience it in my body like an intelligence that I sense has always flowed through me. When I’m aware of this intelligence, it wakes me up and reminds me that I’m not my doubts, my fears, or my roles and responsibilities. This inner sense speaks to me through subtle tingles and vibrations, somehow revealing what is true and what is not true. This intelligence helps me to see exactly what’s happening, what needs to happen, and what needs to be said or not said.

I can no longer hide from the truth.

I can’t walk away from unfinished business and see clearly what no longer fits in my life. I will also no longer work with negative or manipulative people and instead intend to surround myself with positive people who seek to support and empower the whole rather than just the one.

I now realize that, while I’ve always tried to be honest, I haven’t always been truthful.

As much as I’ve always wanted to speak the truth, I’ve often felt as though my words were tainted with fear. While I’ve always tried to lead from my heart, some “thing,” some sort of tension seemed to tighten my throat, muting my feelings. For example, I haven’t always been completely truthful with teachers that work with me, holding back how I really feel, fearful of how they might receive the truth. This fear of being perceived as “mean” or “controlling” has held me back from expressing what felt true for me.

bryant-mcgill-truth-in-secondsLiving from a place of such complete truth is so new for me.

I confess, it’s still a bit scary. I’m not sure what my life is going to look like as I continue to trust this intelligence. Will there be consequences? Will my relationships change? Will some doors close and will others open?

What’s going to happen as I continue learning how to show up and live from truth?

One thing I know for sure is that living from the center of truth is like a shortcut bypassing all drama, cutting through doubt and traveling right through the center of fear to the other side, where life is clearer and sharper. Living this way feels clean and complete and is filled with ease and joy. I’m continually informed of exactly what’s happening, what needs to happen, what needs to be said or not said.

By listening deeply to what feels true and untrue, I am learning to trust how I need to live.

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  1. This is hard for me because I am such a people pleaser. Yet, as I get older, I realize that my divine self wants more for me. It is simply making room for better people in my life by getting rid of the negative drama drainers. I must be truthful. I must move forward and make room for my wings to grow! Thank you for opening yourself up and being the voice. I’m now more confident in my journey:) can’t wait for your book Cara!!

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