Turn on the Lights!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. On this perfect Sunday we “spring forward” and by this evening our world will be lighter longer. While many people get grumpy with “losing” an hour of sleep, I fully embrace it and can’t wait until dinnertime when we are still basking in sunshine.

Like many, I feel happier and more energized when it stays light into the late evening. In the dead of winter when it is dark at 5:00 pm, I find myself yearning to put on my pajamas before dinnertime. It’s not that I want to check out early it just that when it is dark outside my energy plummets and I am forced to is slow down, turn inward and rest.

So, in this symbolic act of “springing forward”, I anticipate returning to the civilized world that exists after 6:00 pm. It will also be great to walk my dog in the bright sunshine after dinner. Lastly, it will be nice to put my pajamas on at a more socially acceptable time of say 9:00 pm.

Turn on the lights! It’s going to be a great Sunday.

To be continued…

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