Verge Yoga – Unleashing My Potential for 10 Years

Ten years ago, this week, we opened the doors of Verge Yoga with 16 classes on the schedule and one yoga room. Since then Verge has seen a few hundred thousand students lay their mats down in our now three yoga rooms and on-demand classes. There’s been a lot of sweat and many tears—breakthroughs and breakdowns—connection with self, and direct experience of truth.

To say the least, these past ten years have been quite a ride. I started with a mission—to provide consistent and safe daily yoga practices and to cultivate an empowering community of courageous yogis. Over the decade, this mission has morphed into a vision—that every human has the capacity to feel great and have peace. We teach you how your potential emerges when your body, mind and heart synchronize through steady breath and movement—and this happens with consistent daily practice.

Our vision is called The Verge Experience and includes practices that will help you build the confidence to live beyond drama and distraction and to create space in your mind and body where you consistently feel empowered. We help you learn how a commitment to our mindfulness-based yoga practices can help you drop your habitual busyness and directly experience your powerful state of presence—every day. This is who Verge Yoga has become and I am humbled to be a part of her continuing evolution.

In so many ways, Verge Yoga has unblocked, unfolded, and unleashed my potential and I hope it has for you as well. Tens years after opening the doors of Verge, I stand in awe of her support of my development as an entrepreneur and as a human being.

I bow in gratitude to every Verge teacher and courageous yogi that has walked through her doors. It is my sincere intention that Verge Yoga continues to serve and support your development— on-site or on-line—for years to come. Namaste.

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