Wednesdays with Frank

(Perhaps this will become the title of a new bestseller!)

I was with Frank yesterday in the ICU just 18 hours his triple bypass surgery. He has become a living buddha. He talked the entire half hour I was there (funny, I brought a book to read in case he was out of it). He was alert, luminous and filled with wisdom.

Frank spoke about using his breathing practice to manage the pain he feels all over his body. He described the rise and fall of the pain and how his conscious breathing is allowing him to experience the intensity of the moment. He said that he is then able to observe the body relax and the pain subside. It was profound to sit there and listen to him.

We spoke of our yoga and meditation practices and how blessed we are to have them in our lives. He likened this journey to a flow practice, the moments of intense pain to individual poses that need attention, modification and variation.

There is no doubt in my being that our Frankie will return to Verge Yoga an even more powerful teacher than he was before. He has a new lease on life, a new heart and an awakened mind.

Keep your blessings directed his way.


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