Zen Christmas

Doesn’t it seem that the holiday season descended upon us out of nowhere this year? All of a sudden there are decorations and holiday sales everywhere!  I don’t know about you but I feel as if I missed a month this fall and that it should still be Halloween time.With that being said, I recently declared to my family that we will be having a “Zen Christmas” this year.  After receiving the usual eye rolls from my daughters and the snarky smile from my husband I explained my brilliant idea.  A Zen Christmas would mean that we would deliberately choose what is meaningful and enjoyable to do instead of getting swept up by the societal pressures of enforced traditions and obligations.  In other words, less mess and more fun!

So instead of getting stressed out trying to make my home look like a gingerbread house or exhausting myself trying to take the perfect holiday photo, or bake the perfect cookies, this month I will be chillin’.  That’s right the Bradley Zen Christmas Season has officially begun. No pressure, no fuss and lots and lots of ease and joy!  (check back with me on Dec 23rd!)

Perhaps you and your family will join us this season as we relax and drink in the peace and magic that the holidays can offer us all.

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  1. Cara it’s all about living in the moment. Your yoga with live music classes are definitely making the holiday season very special for me. An oasis from the hustle and bustle elsewhere!

  2. Dear Cara,

    This thanksgiving, my twins jonathan and alyssa and i decided to make a new normal. Rather than baking and cooking up my perfect 6 course William Sonoma inspired meal, the three of us committed our time on thanksgiving day to Meals on Wheels.

    My children, only being 6, have had the blessing of giving by fundraising for various efforts i have supported throughout the years. However, for me… the physical giving is more powerful than the monetary.

    So, unbeknownst to us, we began your Zen Holiday with the Verge wind filling our sails.

    My family has long done away with gift giving for Christmas. I can not tell you how enjoyable the holidays are when its not about lists, things or purchases.

    Our gifts to one another is being together, living well. and the experience of christmas.

    I applaud your decision and its the single best gift you will ever give your beautiful family.

    Live as you practice… simply, deeply and with purpose.

    Happy and Healthy to you and to the Verge staff for your inspiration in my life.
    Merry Everything, Happy Always,

    Jennifer L Anello and family

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