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I'm Cara Bradley. What began as a childhood curiosity about what it takes to feel fully alive, is now my dedication to human flourishing — mine and yours.

Make your optimal state your default state with my "body-first" approach:

  • Harness your Body Intelligence 
    — Shift below your busy mind. Your body knows what you need to feel your best. 
  • Get Mentally Fit 
    — Train to feel strong, calm and clear with “Mini-Win” on-the-spot state-shifters.
  • Access Flow 
    — Design a Flow Lifestyle! Experience game-changing vitality and vigor.

How to Engage with Me

Change Your Game!
Team Flow puts “Best Me” into action. Our team is committed to individual transformation thru purpose-driven collective action. Open to anyone curious about their “Best Me.” More… 
Get Mentally Fit and feel your best!
Explore best practices for optimal living. Listen to my podcast, jump onto my YouTube channel and check out my book, courses and blogs.
Cross-Train for Mental Fitness.
I work with top wellness brands and leaders to offer cutting-edge mental fitness training and course design for high performers and organizations. More…



Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine

On The Verge is a call to break free from your busy mind and to wake up right now, fully engaged and ready to shine. Discover how to shift beyond “crazy busy” into high definition, high voltage living.

Super Charged Presentations!

Prepare for a high energy, high content program that will leave the audience buzzing!

With over three decades of performance training and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Cara’s view on optimization is radically different. Unlike many motivational speakers, she doesn’t just talk about methods to feel and do better… she gets you out of your head, onto your feet and experiencing optimal body-brain states for yourself.

Partnering with Wellness Brands

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