Redefine Motivation

87% of today's employees lack a sense of purpose at work.*

*according to Gallup

It’s your job to create the environment and circumstances that will allow your employees to be more agile moment-to-moment and prime themselves for optimal performance. 

Cara Bradley will show you how to do this so your teams can make decisions based on real-time information. This is possible when we don’t have to wrestle with the voice in our head (our inner critic) making us feel unsure and held back by fear. When this state of “flow” happens, everything speeds up and brightens up… our energy, our thought processes, productivity, and results.

Cara will show you how to transform your teams from distracted and disengaged to fully engaged and in flow.

Popular Talks

The Power of Flow: Make Your Optimal State Your Default State

Discover why flow ignites employee engagement and how to create the environment to build your own highly engaged Flow culture.

This program is designed to introduce you to the concept of “flow” and the dramatic benefits your employees will experience both personally and professionally when they design their environment, body, and mind to drop into this state. In this highly interactive keynote, you will experience first-hand why working in flow boosts problem solving, creativity, and productivity. You’ll also discover how flow makes you feel more alive, why flow ignites employee engagement and how to create an environment to build your own highly engaged Flow culture.   

What you can expect:

  • Experience psychological and physiological strategies to optimize employee engagement and performance 

  • Explore five core characteristics of Flow including increased focus, zest, agility, creativity and productivity. 

  • Discover the science behind why flow leads to happiness and top performance in individuals and teams


Shift From Frazzled to Flow in a Fast-Changing World

Replace distraction and overwhelm in your work and on your team with the clarity and calm needed to navigate a VUCA world.

Replace distraction, overwhelm and uncertainty in your work and on your team with the clarity and calm needed to navigate a VUCA world. It starts with priming yourself to be alert and agile moment to moment. In this engaging keynote you will discover a more optimal state where we feel and perform our best… plus science-backed tools to reset your nervous system, quiet your inner critic and boost confidence and creativity. 

What you can expect:

  • Leave with quick and practical strategies to make your optimal state your default state and allow you to consistently feel more clear and confident.
  • Experience science-backed practices to cultivate “coherence” enhancing your sense of safety and sparking curiosity and creativity.
  • Explore the dynamics of group Flow and learn tools to build your own highly engaged Flow Culture.

Distracted No More: Building Fierce Focus for Breakthrough Clarity and Creativity

A Distracted Mind has No Power. A Focused Mind has Limitless Potential

This fun keynote reveals the secrets of top athletes, musicians and other masters and how they prime themselves to access the optimal state of flow—where we feel and perform our best. Your audience will experience mental training that will show them how to achieve the intense focus they need to unleash clarity and creativity to produce their best work.

What you can expect:

  • Discover the traits of full engagement and actionable strategies to settle mental chatter, direct attention and stay composed in challenge. 
  • Explore science-backed tools to build Fierce Focus™ leading to increased enthusiasm, engagement and productivity.
  • Learn how to schedule peak moments into your work day with state-shifting practices that boost focus and spark creativity.Learn to schedule peak moments into your work day with state-shifting practices that boost focus and spark creativity. 

Wake up, Show up, and Shine!

There’s a space beyond “crazy busy,” where you feel naturally awake and alive. Get out of your busy mind and you feel more clear, calm and confident. In this lively presentation attendees will learn how to shift beyond the busy mind and access flow, an optimal state of body and mind where we do everything better. Based on Cara’s best-selling book On The Verge, you’ll experience high quality self care strategies that build resilience and grit, increase energy and enthusiasm and significantly improve effectiveness. Discover how to live in flow — on demand — to access your natural radiance, intelligence and aliveness.

More Ways to Work with Cara

  • Pre-event sizzle reel

    Customized pre-event sizzle reel to build excitement and interactive webinar to prep attendees on what to expect.

  • Early morning movement and meditation session

    Cara is often asked to “prime the crowd” in an early morning movement and mediation session. Clients have raved about the impact of having a highly experiential and embodied practice

  • Library of practices and strategies

    Access to a library of practices and strategies to build individual and team enthusiasm and engagement.

  • Custom Follow-ups

    Cara is happy to work with you after the program to make sure the program sticks and your objectives are achieved. This may include follow-ups by email or even a free teleseminar 30, 60, or 90 days after the live event.

As you can see, Cara will leave you fully equipped to skillfully ignite motivation and engagement

Partial List of Cara's Clients


– Goldman Sachs
– World Bank Group
– Evolve Technology
– Spectrum Enterprise
– National Parks Service
– Wells Fargo
– Fidelity Investments
– AmeriGas
– Guardian Insurance


– CES, Consumer Electronics Show
– Mindful Leadership Summit
– National Coalition of Healthcare  Providers Association
– Sports, Energy & Consciousness Festival
– Delaware Tech Mindfulness Summit
– Mindful Life Conference
– Social Venture Network National Conference
– IONS National Conference
– Southern Texas Legal Administrators


– Villanova University MBA Program
– Villanova University Law School
– Yale University
– Great Valley School District

– Villanova University Basketball
– Villanova University Football
– Villanova University Soccer
– University of Pennsylvania Soccer
– Yale University Soccer
– Immaculata College Soccer
– Penn State Basketball