On the Verge, with Cara Bradley

Cara Bradley is a Mental Fitness Coach dedicated to teaching busy people (like you) how to work and play in your optimal state of “calm clarity” where you feel and perform your best.

#307: Keep It Simple

Quick, raw and unedited—Morning Messages are quick hits of insight, intention and inspiration. In short, my hope is to lift you up. Most importantly, I

#304: What Do You Wish For?

When was the last time you let yourself dream. Start by asking what’s on your wish list. You’ll set your desires and intentions in motion.

#25: What Excites You?

Go ahead and dream big! Think about what excites you. Let yourself feel the rush of positive energy run through your body.

#23: What Holds Your Mind?

Worry. Over-thinking. Preoccupation. We all grapple with thinking too much. Our minds get cluttered. What holds your mind?

#21: Are You Polluting The World?

Are you polluting the world or helping to clean it up? How are your actions, words, ways of consuming and working contribute to the world?

#20: What Makes You Curious?

Going down rabbit holes is not only fun, it also makes us come alive. What sparks your curiosity? Find out more.

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#19: What Are You Hungry For?

Knowing what you’re hungry for can escalate your growth and success. Use today’s inquiry to get clear on what you’re working towards.

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