I’m Still Blessed

MeditationA few weeks ago, while in Connecticut, I woke early and stumbled into the lobby of my hotel searching for coffee. While fixing my cuppa joe, I paused and noticed the space and stillness of the early morning and was grateful that time to sit down and enjoy my coffee before the day got going. It was an ordinary moment that was about to become profoundly ordinary.

As I sat down, an older woman, working the very early shift, walked by me and we exchanged greetings. When I asked how she was, she said, on cue, “I’m still blessed.” She nodded, made eye contact with me and walked away. And there it was, in three simple words, my teaching for the day.

I’m still blessed.

You may have heard this saying before but I had not. In a nutshell, it says it all. It is the perfect gratitude practice and it is profoundly ordinary. I’m still blessed.

These three words acknowledge all that has been given to me in the pastthe wonderful gifts of my health, my family and friends, and my passion for my work. It acknowledges the present moment and the simple fact that I am living, breathing and aware of who I am and what I have.

I’m still blessed.

I’ve been repeating these ordinary yet extraordinary words ever since my encounter with that beautiful angel in the wee-hours of the morning in a hotel in Connecticut.

I invite you to try them out for a few days. Let me know what happens.

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  1. Yes gratitude is how I start each meditation sitting and it is an amazing part of my practice. Also must remark on the love and gifts of strangers – recently I walked by a man I didn’t know when I was somewhere quite stressed and he smiled at me and I felt such energy come over me – I felt pure bliss in the middle of such stress. I wonder was it a chance encounter?

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