Nothing More To Do

Insights from a meditation practice ~ Cara Bradley

What if there is nothing more to do? What if this is all about how to be?⁣

To be change⁣

To be positivity⁣

To be generous ⁣

To be inspiration⁣

To be a guide⁣

To be a flame⁣

To be an invitation

To be a follower⁣

To be joy⁣

To be love⁣

To be a sounding board⁣

To be a reflection⁣

To be a unifier⁣

To be genuine⁣

To be sincere

To be you⁣

To be one⁣

When you are one, others ease into one.⁣

And then, there’s nothing left to do. ⁣



Cara Bradley - Motivational Speaker and Author

Cara Bradley

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