Getting High On Change


Change. New starts. And the space of possibility.  

I love change. I yearn for change. I get high on change. 

Right there at the boundary—between what I know and don’t know—there’s a palpable energy. It’s filled with hope. It’s electric. 

Right there at the edge of normal, a quickening emerges from deep inside my belly. It emerges like a fresh new sprout, ripe with possibility. 

Right there, on the precious verge—between what is and what is becoming—I get high.  


Photo by Jose Antonio Morales on Unsplash


Cara Bradley - Motivational Speaker and Author

Cara Bradley

Mental Fitness Coach | Author | Wellness Entrepreneur

Cara Bradley is a Mental Fitness Coach dedicated to teaching busy people (just like you) work and play in your optimal state of “calm clarity” where you feel and perform your best.

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