I Will No Longer Play Small

I will no longer play small. This may make you uncomfortable. But I need to write it. Because it’s the only way for me to move past this stage of development.

My hope is that reading this unlocks something in you—that it sparks a dormant energy—that is moves you in a way that makes you take some action (small or big) to awaken your potential. 

The truth – I have played small for most of my life – and today is the day that I stop. 

Today is the day I share my accomplishments, my dreams and my purpose.

I will stop hiding behind some meek fear of appearing too bold or even arrogant. 

And I will I stop playing small. 👊🏼

– Cara Bradley

I’m proud of my grit.

And I love building shit (businesses, networks, platforms).

Also I love acknowledging and empowering others 

Because I love myself. 💜

Finally, I have tried and failed and tried again. I never give up.

So today I announce that I will no longer “make myself small so that others feel comfortable around me.”

TY Marianne Williamson
Today, I will no longer:
  • Hide my accomplishments, my dreams, my purpose. 
  • Play the little girl who seeks approval. 
  • Care if you unfollow me, unsubscribe or unfriend me. 
  • Try to appease the critics or experts.
  • Hold back my unbridled enthusiasm for life.
I would like to tell you a bit me;
  • My husband and I have no house. 
  • Mental Fitness is my jam.
  • I’m the founding member of the Mental Fitness Collective
  • I partner with Amare Global (a really cool company)

    I love my work. I am changing peoples lives. I am growing, learning a ton and having fun. 

    Finally, my every action, word and relationship is done with the intention to live in a world where all humans flourish and the planet thrives. 

I invite you to get to know me. (I am doing some very cool things.) 

But be prepared to be challenged because I love to break patterns, bust through conditioned thinking and blow holes in mediocrity. 

Thank you for participating in my breakthrough moment. I hope you have your own sometime soon. I’m here to help if I can. Don’t be afraid to reach out. 

Here’s to us. Let’s play big together. 

For more, check out my daily podcast called Morning Messages – bits of inspiration delivered in 6 minutes or less.

Cara Bradley - Motivational Speaker and Author

Cara Bradley

Mental Fitness Coach | Author | Wellness Entrepreneur

Cara Bradley is a Mental Fitness Coach dedicated to teaching busy people (just like you) work and play in your optimal state of “calm clarity” where you feel and perform your best.

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