Stop Struggling

When we stop struggling we are naturally confident and at ease. Michael Carroll – The Mindful Leader

I recently wrote on the final page of my journal. It took me two years to fill the book with my insights and the profound thoughts of masters. Upon reviewing my journal, I came across the quote above and it stopped me in my tracks.
I want to be “confident and at ease”. Who doesn’t? Everyday upon waking I set an intention and most of the time it is to ‘be at ease with the unfolding of my day”. I want to gently flow through my day with a confident and joyful heart. Again, who doesn’t? Why is something that seems so simple and natural to experience such a “challenge” to sustain for more than a few moments?

It’s because, as Buddhist teacher Carroll suggests, struggle gets in the way.

We struggle when we expect. We struggle when we try to control. We struggle when we judge. We struggle when we doubt. And the list goes on.

Well then, we just need to stop struggling so much right? Of course that is the answer but doing so may just take a lifetime (or two). So we step onto our yoga mats or take a seat on our meditation cushions and we observe. We learn to keenly watch ourselves move in and out of struggle mode. We recognize our momentary states of confidence and ease. And after years and years of practice we may start to unclench the habitual fist of suffering. We may learn to catch ourselves before we sink too low or go too far.

So I begin a new journal. I have no doubt that I will continue to write and read about struggle. Perhaps, however, as I move through the pages, there will be a smudge more wisdom, a tad more clarity and even a bit more confidence and ease.

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